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We are a neighborhood youth soccer club serving the East side of Duluth as well as the Chester Park neighborhood.  Players from all over are welcome.



FALL '23

Registration for the Fall Recreational League is closed as games will start on August 1, 2023.  You may inquire about waiting lists for teams by emailing the coordinator at




We have a long history in Duluth for youth recreational soccer. Several upper division clubs over the years have merged or have been a part of Thunder Soccer Duluth.  There was once a Duluth Central Soccer Club, East Rec Soccer Club, East Soccer Club, as part of the Upper Division of the Arrowhead Youth Soccer Association.

In 2018, the Chester Park Lower Division recreational soccer league joined with Thunder Soccer.  Lower division Thunder soccer services the Chester Park neighborhood youth.

Thunder is strong and can be intimidating; it can strike fear in some and represents the excellence we strive for in our teams. We are continually improving our processes and training for each individual player as well as team training. A lifetime of important skills and friendships is the result.

All are welcome to play in our club. No experience required. Positive attitude necessary. Come join us!

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